My other research


Family history of John Jones (in preparation) - real Peaky Blinders






Family history of Julie Brown (in preparation) - Bermondsey







Family history of Mary Phibbs (nee Gillingham) - Guernsey heritage, and a mystery  solved





Family history of Alex Hayton - a true European







Family history of Paul Field - from East Anglia to the East End - and back






Family history of Rachel Field (Jones) - Celtic roots






The Story of Eliza Acton


Biography of Eliza Action who grew up in early nineteenth-century Ipswich and became the ‘mother of modern cookery writing’ (research assistant to author, Sheila Hardy)







Collection of criminal cases exposing some of the villainous deeds that have taken place in Suffolk during the last 200 years (research assistant to author, Sheila Hardy)





Little Blue Book



Directory of services available in Suffolk to families with children on the autism spectrum.   I conceived, researched and compiled the directory myself.  It ran for several editions until taken up by Suffolk County Council on their website.