Ipswich in the Great War

'How did children in Ipswich help the war effort? Who was imprisoned in Ipswich for opposing the war? Where in the town was there thought to be a German military control centre?

In this thoroughly researched and highly readable study of the Ipswich Home Front, Rachel Field's latest book covers more than just munitions and mittens for the troops. Included throughout is a wealth of information on the life of civilians at home and at work, care of the sick and wounded, civilian contributions to the war effort and how people spent their leisure time. Military matters (in the air, at sea and on land) and how they directly affected local people are also explored, including Zeppelin raids on the town.

This is the first book dedicated solely to Ipswich in the Great War and includes many photographs and illustrations that have never been previously published. Packed with original research, personal accounts and fascinating local stories, the book charts many highways and newly discovered byways of life in and around the town in the war years.'

  • ‘Impressive stuff!’, Derek Pheasant, Western Front Association
  • ‘A cracking read, really good,’ Dr Cathy Hunt, historian

Available from Amazon, Ipswich Tourist Information Centre and Suffolk Records Office (Ipswich).  Also available through bookshops.