Family histories


Family history of John Jones - real Peaky Blinders - picture is of, well, Peaky Blinders




Family history of Julie Brown - picture is of Bermondsey tanners






Family history of Mary Phibbs (nee Gillingham) - Guernsey heritage, and a mystery  solved - picture is St Peter Port




Family history of Alex Hayton - a true European - picture is Utrecht






Family history of Paul Field - from East Anglia to the East End - picture Fenland skaters 

His family names include:  Field, Feltwell, Porter, Simper, Legge, Bell, Frostick, Mee, Flory, Britton, Markham (East Anglia) and Jennings (Black Country)





Family history of Rachel Field (Jones) - picture Margam Steelworks at night

My family names include:

Jones, Davies, Thomas, Oliver, Elias, Edwards, Davies (West and South Wales)

Cox, Tabor, Trimby, Doney, Viner (Cornwall, Somerset and Wiltshire)



Family history of Beverley Levy - from across central Europe and the Russian Empire (picture - synagogue in Plock, Poland)