Family histories

I have researched our own and several friends' family history of several friends, putting the lives of ancestors into their social contexts wherever possible.


Family history of John Jones whose family, at the turn of C20th, was from north east Wales and Birmingham.  His Brummie great-grandfather was said to be a Peaky Blinder The picture shows various Peaky Blinders, real and fictional.




Family history of Julie Brown whose ancestors, at the turn of the C20th, were the backbone of south London: builders in Camberwell and tanners in Bermondsey.  The picture is of Bermonsey tanners.



Family history of Mary Phibbs (nee Gillingham) a Guernsey heritage, and a mystery solved The photo is St Peter Port, Guernsey)





Family history of Alex Hayton, a true European with ancestors from Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland.  The photo is Utrecht where a branch of his family lived for over a hundred years.



Family history of Paul Field, whose family moved over the centuries from East Anglia to the East End of London and then back again. The picture is of champion skaters racing across the fens, just as his ancestors famously did.



My family history is typical of people from Glamorgan: a mixture of migrants drawn to the Valleys to work in the coalmines in the C19th.  They came from Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire in west Wales, Glamorgan itself, and also from the English West Country.  The photo is of Margam Steelworks at night, one of my first memories.





Family history of Beverley Levy whose family came to London at the end of the C19th from Poland and other parts of the Russian Empire.  The illustration is of a synagogue in Plock, Poland.




Family history of Mick Thompson - a Suffolk boy through and through. Photo shows Southwold Beach (1898) where some of Mick's fishing ancestors lived and worked.